Wednesday, November 30, 2005

SEXSOMNIA - story stranger than title

That's right, sexsomnia. A supposed sleep disorder that affects men, causing them to commit sexual assault in their sleep. Oh, no, I am not making this shit up. This was a good enough defense to acquit a 33 year old man from Toronto from sexual assault charges.

There isn't much I like about America these days, but I will mention the one thing that comes to mind. We gotta get electing our judges. First, we get too many morons in government creating the laws, we don't need the same morons appointing judges to interpret them. You should of got a look at the defense's "Doctor". The guy looked like that comic book store clerk from the Simpsons. Straight from Carolina. It didn't matter that this "theory" hadn't even been published in medical journals. If people can walk in their sleep, they sure has hell could and probably better with a woody and a power trip.

Now, this defense has women's centres a little worried, and has me fueled for Women Against Violence Day, Dec. 6. This little tid bit will have me reeling in the apathetic to our little candle light vigil and talk. Oh, this is only the beginning.

Okay, and then the evening news cuts into Stephen Harpers Quebec MP entourage. He has a press conference to introduce his candidates, whose names he doesn't bother to mention. When the media asks him at their photo op, he says, " My staff will have them." That little shit. Arrogant asshole. I think I should do a little sexsomnia to him.

"Like, I was sleeping and the next think I know, I have Harper bent over the back seat of his SUV doing him with a shoe horn. Well, imagine my surprise. You know, cuz if I was awake your honor I would, like, totally have that shoe horn up my bum. I always do."

Case closed

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Out of my system

Damn you stupid paper.

I hate your expectations, your confusion, your twisted limits. Your expulsion of my lazy time. Making my back crook over this plastic inertia of imagination.

I will compare thee. Compare thee to the crack in my ass, or the mole on this stupid person breathing beside me.

One thing in which we are alike. You came from the same feeble mindedness that has been bestowed on me to take this wretched course.

From now on, I vow to hire someone if I need a report or research. I will not subject myself to this torture any longer.

or any longer than it takes to get a stupid degree. Okay I demote myself to diploma.

December 15, where are you?

Out of my system

Friday, November 18, 2005

Psyche Unplugged

Breathe easy, resist the urge to spit upon the masses of extraneous egos surplanting their tentacles around you.

Mine was chewed up and swalled along time ago. Should I spoil every one elses fun.

Fun, lets touch on that for a moment, shall we. Fun doesn't fucking exsist. Every time I try to partake in some, a mutiny is made out of my precious release. I hate to say we need rules. However, people have become ruthless. In tow of their egos, noone is safe to enjoy the moment, for everyone wants to grab it is as theirs. Claim it like a parking spot on boxing day.

There is something to be said for ritual. First, there is respect for the moment and what it will stand for. Ceremonies. There will be dancing, eating, a good ol' talent show... more dancing..., and then some nasty. There you have it. None of this organizing on the go, galloping around a plethora of egos, and an inevitable scene. Hollywood, I hate you. Cable, don't even get me started. Susan Lucci/ Satan Lucifer. Do you see the connection here.

Now, again with ceremony or ritual, the origin of your motives will not be deterred. Fun is a buffet, and if someone spills the punch, there is more at the other end of the table. May 16th we will begin tradition. Plans may spoil, but carefully designed ceremonies will rise like the phoenix amongst the spectacle of haughtiness.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Life, death, and the shit in between

I am convinced that I am not going to be allowed to get very far in life as we are supposed to achieve it. There is some evil force that is activating a agitation on anything I try to do that resembles normal. I am not going to be able to participate as a citizen of planet North American. Grappling with the rope of wealth, striving to eek out a retirement and a fairly recent toyota. Perhaps that is why I have chosen to study what I have. Subjects designed to change the course of history as Rex Weyler, founding greenpeace members refers to as.






That is all I care to list at the moment. Basically paganism is off the list. I just get the feeling that trying to be normal and function in normal society is a pointless mode of exsistence since I will just be in collision with th consequences of consumer oriented society anyways.

I suppose I will just have to accept that I am not living for this life, but simply gaining insight into the next. Yes, I believe in a next. There is some people I just gotta see again.