Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Sometimes I am sad or more angry than sad, but sad for not being more angry. My higher self can forgive and wish the best of those that have wronged me and those I love or even mildly feel compassion towards. Yet, there always looms that yearning for retribution. To see it all crumble in the name of justice. I know there is no justice in this world. And because many of us have this desire to make things "fair", I see that as a reason to embrace spirituality. Justice should be included in Maslows hierarchy of needs along with sex. It is just that we can never really accomplish that in this life.

You could stand around in awe wiping the drool tracing it's way down your chin, as your mind numbs in it's perplexity: How the hell do they get away with that? Just because they can, and you can't, or more accurately won't allow yourself, it can consume you. It will creep into your mind in the most unwelcome situations and remind you, throw you off your game: there are those out there who can fuck it all up, and will do so without a blink. Those same people will cruise along like a yacht outta calm waters, party and all. And all you can do is stand at the edge of the beach screaming, Why? What the.... this can't be. Curse, jinx and all that bullshit.

But there you are putting all your energy into their's. Straining to comprehend how this can occur and hating it's exsistence to the point that you have denied your own.


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Backing away slooowly...

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