Wednesday, November 30, 2005

SEXSOMNIA - story stranger than title

That's right, sexsomnia. A supposed sleep disorder that affects men, causing them to commit sexual assault in their sleep. Oh, no, I am not making this shit up. This was a good enough defense to acquit a 33 year old man from Toronto from sexual assault charges.

There isn't much I like about America these days, but I will mention the one thing that comes to mind. We gotta get electing our judges. First, we get too many morons in government creating the laws, we don't need the same morons appointing judges to interpret them. You should of got a look at the defense's "Doctor". The guy looked like that comic book store clerk from the Simpsons. Straight from Carolina. It didn't matter that this "theory" hadn't even been published in medical journals. If people can walk in their sleep, they sure has hell could and probably better with a woody and a power trip.

Now, this defense has women's centres a little worried, and has me fueled for Women Against Violence Day, Dec. 6. This little tid bit will have me reeling in the apathetic to our little candle light vigil and talk. Oh, this is only the beginning.

Okay, and then the evening news cuts into Stephen Harpers Quebec MP entourage. He has a press conference to introduce his candidates, whose names he doesn't bother to mention. When the media asks him at their photo op, he says, " My staff will have them." That little shit. Arrogant asshole. I think I should do a little sexsomnia to him.

"Like, I was sleeping and the next think I know, I have Harper bent over the back seat of his SUV doing him with a shoe horn. Well, imagine my surprise. You know, cuz if I was awake your honor I would, like, totally have that shoe horn up my bum. I always do."

Case closed


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