Sunday, December 04, 2005

The root of all evil - and good

I am going to go out on a limb here but.........

Corporations suck the life out of the system. We all have heard the argument and the reasons, and now we know to the extent.
How did we get ourselves into this mess?
Corporations operate under one law which simultaneously allows them to avoid many. So as it thinks it becomes.
Without any uncertainty a Corporation persists in its goals. Problem is that it assumes everyone else is out for the same reason. Or is it a problem. To those opposed of it's effects, yes. But this works just beautiful for the Corporation. The meaning of "Success" in developed countries, the accumulation of material wealth, perpetuates itself. There is never enough. Corporations that assert control in the global village have organized agendas, specific targets and mandates to get what they need to get done. They do their homework, and grasp the hearts and minds of those that they need to gather in their sphere of influence. When they take a hit, be it in their points or in public opinion, they don't get phased. They regroup, restrategize and become even more solid in their approach.
The model that Corporations operates under is the same model that is echoed to produce results in personal growth. If you create for yourself a vision, and nurture that vision, it will manifest itself. In that vision, there is no room for doubt, or you will have made that part of your vision, and in your results that will show. Your focuses will be realized, as long as you never play the part as the victim. In becoming a victim, you relinquish control.
It is in trying not to become the victim that we see Corporations " abusing " their power. Competition does encourage innovation. However, competition also creates a lack of co-operation. This is where the abuses are realized.
What the environmental movement needs is to emulate the Corporation to counteract the force with which it exerts itself. It doesn't matter what happened or to who or by who. At this point it is all about what is going to happen.
Corporations did a great job in showing us what the human spirit can accomplish. Even if it is accomplishing degradation and destruction. We can't ignore that with that was technology. Thanks, I will take your technology and combine it with the Caring Capital to create a system that is motivated by co-operation. And I truly believe we all really want this. But within our evolution, some parts we are just unlocking. The Corporation showed us the power we hold; that life is not accidental. We can steer our purpose, to avoid obstacles.
That will be the face of the environmental movement.


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