Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Call to Feminism

Looking back at the past 7 days, I have come to realize one thing...well besides that a week has passed.

WOMEN OF THE WORLD, WE ARE IN DAMN TROUBLE. Well no, that I already knew.

I CAN'T SIT IDLY BY AND WATCH THE SHIT FLY, and then splat me in the fuckin' face.

Let's review a diary of the past week's events, and then you can decide.

Tuesday, June 26th
Go out dancing at favorite gay bar that is having a straight night. At the end of the night I am milling around outside with friends and random person. Random person is chatting up my friend Zach who's looking for a boy to take home. I ask Zach what he looks for in a man. He says an 8. We all have a chuckle. Random person responds, "oh, I gotta ten". My girlfriend Sarah asks random person if he is gay. Random person shoves her a good five feet. After I jump in to 4 foot Sarah's aid, 5 onlookers are pulling Random person off me as he pounds my head against a Van.

Wednesday, June 27th
I am attending a speakers panel hosted by Vancity and BC co-operative association that has featured an economist from the University of Bolgna and Avi Lewis, son of Stephen Lewis. He is well known as producer of the newly released documentry "The Take". Three hundred people are attending and it is safe to say half the audience are women. After each guest speaker lectures about the economics of global justice the audience is invited to ask questions. Immediately 5 men bolt to the mic. I think in my hungover, sketchy head how sad it is to see no women approaching. A discussion commences amongst the guest speakers with CBC commentator Bill Richards. After a bit of debating between the men on how best to solve the "globalisation crisis", Avi Lewis declares he has a gender equality policy even when it comes to speaking at the mic. Everyone looks around dumbfounded. 20 seconds go by and no women get up. So, I bolt up and run to the mic followed by applause. My heart is pounding erratically as I realize how many eyes are now upon me. I march past 4 men and take my place at the mic behind the first man in line to speak. She has courage, i hear whispered. Interesting, cuz I feel more embarassed than couragous. First of all, this is just fucking pathetic. I am glad that Avi challenged us that day. And knowing how his father champions the UN on behalf of women so that most of the worlds problem can be addressed I can see where he is coming from. He was "invited" to speak at that event. Out of the 5 people to speak, the president of the Board of Vancity was a woman. But, as I leave that ballroom of the Fairmont Hotel on Water Street, I get a sinking feeling in my gut imagining my daughter being there beside me. Now, she is still a child. I left feeling still a child.

Monday, July 3

I return home from a day of enjoying the sun with friends. I return home to my complex to be pounced on by half a dozen children yelling at me that Avista had a knife. Avista is 3. I ask her 7 year old brother where there parents are. He says he doesn't know. " Well, who is watching you?" Ralph. So I go to find my other neighbor Ralph who is not home. I get Ralph's daughter to go in the house and pull out a parent. Her mother emerges saying she was having a nap and no one asked her to watch the Avista and her brother. I then go right next door to Ralph where Avista lives. The door is wide open and after a minute of me calling "Anyone home" no one responds. Alright. This isn't the first time, or even the second that this shit has happened. Hell, everyone in this complex has a story about how they almost saw Avista get run down by a car. So, off I trot to call the police. As I walk past the elevator, I hear it close behind me. I turn around to see Avista's Dad going into their apartment. So, I turn on my heels after him to give him a piece of my mind. Out comes the mom as well. It end with him shouting at me never to come to there wide open door again, and me saying next time it won't be me at the door it will be the"authorities"... And he knows the authorities. The same peeps that come by to arrest him after he kicks the shit out of his wife.

Now, I am kickin myself cuz' not only have I not helped the kids, but I put my daugher and self at risk. But then a neighbor who's dealt with them over a hundred times tells me the whole complex has been threatened by him before and we make fun of the "authorities". We decide we will all ban together to scare the shit out of these asshole parents. And the authorities will contact them in the form of child welfare.

July 4th, Tuesday 1:08 a.m.

America, fuck yeah!

Read Impulisves post. WILL LEARN TO POST LINK LATER. Reminded that REAL women don't go topless. REAL women wear underwire bras that you can fill with water. REAL women fight against same-sex marriage and federal funding to women's support services. REAL women don't eat pussy, they act like pussy's. Okay, that was a bit harsh. REAL women control pussy's, I mean the birth canal.

So if there is anything I would like to say after celebrating the birthday's of those countries occupying the North American continent. The one continent that I regularly contemplate, being as I have lived here my whole life, Where the fuck did we go wrong? Where the fuck did our affluent asses get off using our democratic powers to such perversion? Is the left just lazy? What is it about war and three second policy plans that seem like such a good idea? Oh, that's right. It is about the family. Ask any realist these days. They have their own f words. Family, Fear, FOX network. Fox networking feeding the family fear.

Canada, what is your damn excuse?

Seems the more communacative tools we aquire, the worse our paranoia pimples. This country has turned into a pre-pubscent teenager with acne hoping to get a date to the dance. The more we fret, the worse we look.

Ah, well. Observations aside, I shall not lose hope. Hell, I am only getting started.


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