Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ode to my dishwasher

*whir* whizzz, wump!
dishes thrown in a lump

dandy little contraption made everything clean
now i am left to manually sheen

cannot take the sink piling high,
creating a tower for the fruit flies,

I regretfully pour in some lemon soap,
to wipe crusties off plates while I mope.

forsaking convienience, for the sake of the earth,
who am I kidding, I am just being thrifty
can't say I haven't had a hard time picking an address. Malediction has been taken. This one truly encompasses what this blog is supposed to be about. Oh well, guess I will have to save it for the rock band. Mother daughter rock band. Of course we will have hot guys playing guitar and cowbells. Preferably Will Farrell on cow bell. Daughter and I will be choosing the instruments in the next couple of years. Okay, gonna let this go for a while, as I have an article to write about social injustice. Much like what our songs will be about. Poetry Prowess is the best I can do, at least for now the address will motivate me to write songs.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

I make too many promises

Do I intend to Keep?