Saturday, November 25, 2006

Occupying Latitude

"Be the Change you Wish to See in The World"

or: "Become financially, emotionally, and professionally disabled in Being the Change You Wish to See in The World."

In the first sentence, I assume that "The World" is, whatever you perceive your domain or connections to what you foremost occupy. So, for simplicity's sake, we shall it call it your daily life.

In the "life", is the best we can hope for a domino effect that puts your example out there for people to encounter and to get encouraged.

And by this "example" are we concluding it is what you "sacrifice".

And by what you "sacrifice", are we talking about your opportunity costs. What you could benefit by utilizing that time, oh precious time, and money and whatever other resource you have to manufacture a future.

And by "benefits" are we describing what values are contained within any other motivation that may be the paramount factor in your actions, or any other subsequent decisions that underlye these motivations.


if your gonna "live your principles" or be whatever you want everyone else to be, you gotta have some SERIOUS PATIENCE.

Because there are no memo's on your moral agenda. People can't be held accountable if they don't osmotically keep pace with the progression.

No one can be expected to........

And in knowing that, do you run? How little or much do you give to what you believe?

If it is "love" that is deserving of the ultimate sacrifices (not just in theory but in cultural construction), can love be constricted by limitations.

Now I am not talking about the love where you buy flowers and hump like rabbits. I am talking about the deep desire to feed everything around you with the unabashedly, all encompassing extension of gratitiude and fortitude that is the very basis of our being. It is how we continue on this species. We would take multiple bullets for the next.

Is it in that ideal and reality that we find we can never part with the desire to eliminate the suffering that we endured, since an integral knowledge exists that we were spared a certain suffering from someone who conciously eradicted that injustice, fearing its spread and continuation to the legacy of our lives.

And in this context, should being unsupported and derailed by a few who were thought to belong to this vision be a deterrent to contributing to that ultimate result?

Especially since the result acknowledges no end,

And seemingly,
manifests itself
into the journey.


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