Sunday, February 26, 2006

Culture Vulture

The actual revelation struck me yesterday while eating at my new favorite restaurant, a yummy Jamaican restaurant. That being I want to belong to any community, and every community. Minus the no job, scrag smoking, drop out community that I was an honourary member of prior to my escape from the island.

An escape it truly was. The family members that could of helped me thought I could never afford to move away and scoffed of my grandiose plans to move the big city. My first thought in reaction to their comments was, "If 2 million people managed to make it there and survive, I am sure that the odds are in my favour." Allbeit I was apart of that lethargic community, but still, I wore a I'M NEW AND TRYING pin to gather the funds. It didn't look all talk no walk. Again, I have a point, which is: My community was about being lesser than everyone else. Reality meant you accept this as fact or your are an even bigger fool then you claim not to be.

So, now I find myself to be an identity chaser. I just enjoy everyone else's experience far more than my own. But, something has to motivate people to direct their lives to helping other people out. If not money, talent or lack of education to settle you into a career, what gives people the inclination to dedicate themselves to that niche? I guess for me it is trying to gain a broader perception than the narrow one I was born into. To me, the more perspectives I gather, the greater the inspiration which leaves me feeling a wealth of knowledge in the human experience. And if you at all believe in an after life, it would seem these are the things you can actually take with you.