Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Santa should try Fasting

Why am I more thrilled about Rammadan then Christmas? This might be an odd question if I was in fact muslim, but it does pertain because I am a self professed Christian. How can fasting all day be more attractive to me then pigging out for a month, and buying myself into debt?

I know, perhaps it is because, I am currently sick and my neighbors thoughtfully brought me soup rather than butter and sugar baked golden brown with a little cherry shrivelled on the top. It could also be the absence of bombarding images of little ornaments made in sweatshops, and a frenzy of vehicles searching to appease the one day climax ended in a pile of colored paper and plastic.

It's no secret that Christmas has seemed to lose the legacy of uniting families and celebrating the birth of the saviour. At least for most. The Season for giving has turned into the Season of Profit, for some, and dreaded bank statements for most.

I suppose when I think about what is most in need, I remeber the earth, from which we take so much and leave so little. The earth could probably use a holiday. Christmas only seeks to exacerbate the fact, where Rammadan lends it a hand.


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